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17 февраля–2 марта 2012   конференция

The Online Consciousness Conference "Consciousness Online"

Информационное письмо

Consciousness Online

The Online Consciousness Conference was founded and is organized by Richard Brown and is dedicated to the rigorous study of consciousness and mind. I construe consciousness studies very broadly so as to include philosophy of mind, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics, neurophilosophy, and even some philosophy of language! Basically, if it relates to the mind then it relates to consciousness.

The goal is to bring philosophers, scientists, and interested lay persons together in an online venue to promote high-level discussion and exchanging of views, ideas and data related to the scientific and philosophical study of consciousness and mind. A subsidiary goal is to promote and facilitate interaction between online venues and traditional print venues.

The format of the conference is inspired by and adapted from the first and second Online Philosophy Conference

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