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1–7 июля 2013 |Россия,   (null)

4th ISCAR Summer University Moving with and beyond Vygotsky: Developing Cultural-Historical Methodology

Информационное письмо

Дорогие аспиранты и профессора!

Эта новость для всех интересующихся культурно-исторической психологией и деятельностным подходом! Остается несколько мест на Летний Университет ISCAR 2013, который пройдет с 1 по 7 июля 2013 года. Организаторы мероприятия объявили о продлении сроков подачи до 1 декабря 2012.


4th ISCAR Summer University for PhD students at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Moving with and beyond Vygotsky: Developing Cultural-Historical Methodology

July 1-7, 2013

Call for Applications

In recent years a growing interest in socio-cultural-historical approaches is observed. While more and more scholars refer to single ideas of Vygotsky in their research, one could argue that there is less and less understanding of the broader theoretical, epistemological and methodological frame of Vygotsky’s work. It is also quite evident that most scholars refer only to Vygotsky and not to the broader cultural-historical research tradition (that could include many authors such as Leont’ev, Lisina, Luria, Rubinstein, Bozhovich, Gutkina, Venger, Gal’perin, El’konin, Davydov, Zinchenko – to mention only some of the Russian ones). What is more: diverse methodologies (genetic-experimental research, ethnography, qualitative data analysis etc.) are used in different contexts and disciplines; however, only little discussion takes place on the limits, the possibilities, and eventually, the complementarities of those methodologies.

The 4th ISCAR Summer University aims at an in-depth and intensive investigation of the connection between theory and various methodologies as well as to reflect on methodological problems that concern education, psychotherapy, social policy, social work, urban planning, information and communication technologies or any other relevant field. Following the tradition of the previous ISCAR Summer Universities in Moscow, highly respected professors of socio-cultural-historical approaches will be invited to participate and a range of activities will be scheduled. The 4th ISCAR Summer University aims also to address problems concerning the future career of PhD students (post-doc positions, research funding etc.).

Grants & Financial Information:

Grants for 24 PhD students from all different regions, disciplines, socio-cultural contexts and age groups will be given so that accommodation will be free and no fees are requested. Travel costs however should be covered by the participants. Participants are welcome to contact the organizers in case they need an invitation letter to apply for extra funding by their national agencies.

Evaluation Process:

PhD students  of at least second year into their studies will be accepted.  A board of
international reviewers will evaluate the applications according to the following criteria:

PhD students  of at least second year into their studies will be accepted.  A board of  international reviewers will evaluate the applications according to the following criteria:

  1. Quality and Focus of Application
  2. Geographical Origin/Disability/ Gender/ Socio-economic Resources (we will ensure a reasonable distribution of participants regarding gender/ geographic origin/ socio-economic resources)
  3. First come – first served!

Preparation Materials:

Four texts of about 20 pages (80 pages in total) will be distributed in advance and research materials will be circulated among the selected participants. Participants will only be able to participate if they read carefully and prepare questions on those materials.

Basic Forms of Work:

  • lectures by leading scholars;
  • presentations of one’s own research;
  • open discussions;
  • small group and individual consultations;
  • problem-oriented workshops (especially on methodology & data analysis on the basis of participants’ research materials)

Concluding Publication: Best participants will be given the possibility to publish their work in English in the Cultural-Historical Psychology Journal.

Language of the Event: English

Venue: The main events of the ISCAR SU 2013 will take place at a picturesque suburban vacation house “Povedniki” (Russia, Moscow area). Hosting institution is the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.


The application should consist of 3 separate attachments in English (.pdf or .doc) with:

  1. Two paragraphs on a basic problem that you are struggling with in your research and why you want to deal with this in the frame of the Summer University.
  2. Abstract of research project
  3. CV (Full name, gender, place of residence, university, research supervisor, title of candidate’s dissertation and it’s current status/ year of study, place of work – if any, any other related information). Please provide also information about scholarships and/or about the funding of your research project/PhD Dissertation as well as information about participation in other PhD Events/ Conferences/ Workshops.

Applications which do not conform with the above requirements or are submitted after the deadline will not be accepted for review!

Format of the Research Description

  • font: Times New Roman; 12 pt.; interval 1,5;
  • text volume: not more than 3 pages for each item;
  • the cover page should indicate: topic of ISCAR SU 2013, full name, title, full name of research supervisor and his/her academic degree;
  • list of sources and references should be given in the end of the abstract and should not exceed 15 items.

Number of participants: The Summer University can only host a limited number of 24 participants.

Deadlines for Application:

Participants are advised to apply as soon as possible. The first deadline for applications is December 1, 2012. In case free places are still available the second deadline for participants who could not apply so quickly will be 1st of December. Applications are due to: vygotsky@mgppu.ru

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