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23–27 апреля 2013   образовательная программа

Neuroscience of Language: Experimental Approaches to Language and the Brain

Информационное письмо

A short intensive course on Neuroscience of Language will be held at the University of St. Petersburg on April 23-27, 2013, covering a wide range of topics pertinent to the subject, with lectures given by a cohort of international scientists. The course is organised collaboratively with the University of Eastern Finland (with Finnish student participation) with support from Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Programme (FIRST), BioN and the University of St. Petersburg (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences).  The preliminary programme is below:

 Tue 23.04

1) Evolution of Cerebral Functions for Language: phylo- and ontogenesis

2) Neuroimaging in aphasia

Wed 24.04

1) Neuroimaging in aphasia

2) Perceptual and cognitive processes in language acquisition of deaf children after cochlear implantation

Thu 25.04

1) An introduction to audio-visual speech perception

2) Psycho- and neurolinguistic studies of syntax

Fri 26.04

1) Psycho- and neurolinguistic studies of syntax

2) Event-related potentials

3) Methodological pitfalls and bridges across them in psycho- and neurolinguistic studies

Sat 27.04

1) Automaticity and attentional control in neural language function

2) Disentangling morphological interactions in and by the brain

3) Morphological complexity in the brain: neural processing of infections and derivations


Prof. Tatiana Chernigovskaya (St.Petersburg), Prof. Yury Shtyrov (Cambridge),  Dr Olga Dragoj (Moscow),  Dr Inna Koroleva (St.Petersburg), Dr. Jyrki Tuomainen (London), Dr Natalia Slioussar (St.Petersburg), Prof Jussi Niemi (Joensuu), Dr. Ari Pääkkönen (Joensuu), Dr. Alina Leminen (Helsinki)

 We will also allow some time for student presentations and informal discussions.

 NB! Registration is obligatory andthe number of places is limited.


Сайт организаторов: http://www.neurobiotech.ru/ru/NS_language

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