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6–7 декабря 2011 |Россия, Москва   конференция

International Research and Practice Conference "Topical Issues of People with Health Disabilities Psychological Rehabilitation"

Место проведения

127051 Moscow, 29, Sretenka Street, office 413. Psychological Rehabilitation Department (Moscow State University of Psychology and Education).

Информационное письмо

Conference organizers: Department of Education of the City of Moscow, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Abteilung Rehabilitationspsychologie und Psychotherapie Institut für Psychologie, Universitaet Freiburg (Rehabilitation Psychology and Psychotherapy Department, University of Freiburg).

Participants: specialists in the field of education, public health service, social protection, developing the theory and practice of psychological rehabilitation in Russia and abroad (scholars, psychologists, organizers, managers, etc.); representatives of social society and voluntary organizations, who solve the problems of comprehensive rehabilitation of people with health disabilities.

Conference goal: to analyze the conceptual and methodological bases for the development of models, programmes and methods of psychological rehabilitation of people with health disabilities, to share experience in various aspects of psychological rehabilitation of people with health disabilities in Russia and abroad, to form a professional association of psychologists who deal with rehabilitation.

Conference strands of work:

  1. Theoretical and methodological problems of psychological rehabilitation.
  2. Designing of psychological rehabilitation models, programmes and technologies.
  3. The problems of multidisciplinary interaction in rehabilitation process.
  4. Organizing and supporting the psychological help in institutions of various departments (of education, public health service, social protection).
  5. The specific character of psychological rehabilitation of children and adults with health disabilities of different origins.
  6. Topical issues of sociocultural psychological rehabilitation of people with health disabilities.
  7. Psychological aspects of rehabilitation environment.
  8. Psychological rehabilitation estimate of efficiency.
  9. Specialists training in the field of psychological rehabilitation.

Conference forms of works: plenary and break-out sessions, poster sessions, workshops, round tables on the topical social and psychological issues of rehabilitation of people with health disabilities.

Forms of participation: face-to-face and virtual


For the participation in the conference it is necessary to send an application to the e-mail address of the organizing committee psy-rehab@yandex.ru (the form to be found in Appendix 1). When sending the application (or both the application and the materials) by e-mail it is NECESSARY to state in the subject field of the e-mail “Application for the conference” or “Application for the conference and materials”.

The participation in the conference is free.

The participants’ travel expenses to the conference are covered by their organization.

According to the results of the application study a special invitation for the participation in the conference will be sent (before October, 30th).


There will be a digest of materials published before the beginning of the conference. Materials (volume up to 5 pages – 12500 digits without spaces) are to be sent (with the application for participation in the conference) before August, 31st, 2011. MS Word for Windows (extension.doc) is to be used for the text, formulae and tables. Page layout: margins – 3 cm on all the sides, font Times New Roman, 14 pt, interval 1,0, justified, indentation left 1,25. No charts, schemes or pictures are allowed. A picture can be added in the form of a vector (format cdr) or raster-scan (format jpg) graphic object, not more than 100 Kb in size. No tables with album orientation are allowed. The List of References is to be based on the quotes or references used. The references are to be marked the text in square brackets, the number corresponding to the number of the origin in The List of References. No automatic references are allowed.

In the thesis there should be given the name of the report (centered, lower-case letters, boldfaced), last, first and middle names, name of the organization, city.

Demands to posters are given in Appendix 2.

Materials not corresponding to the topic of the conference and not complying with the demands may be declined. The materials selected will be published on the website www.psy-rehab.ru.

The thesis by post-graduate students and young scholars are admitted if a letter of support of their research adviser is available.


E-mail: psy-rehab@yandex.ru
Organizing committee telephone number: 007 (495) 632-91-99 Ms. Elena Antonova
Conference official website: http://www.psy-rehab.ru

Информационные партнеры

Conference information partners: http://mgppu.ru, http://www.childpsy.ru , https://psypress.ru

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